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There’s a wealth of evidence suggesting that the desire for a seamless travel experience has increased during COVID-19 with travellers searching for an easy-to-use platform, where they can be inspired and informed of where they can travel safely.

There’s also a growing need for a travel app that encompasses all the elements of a trip into a one stop solution. And of course, travel apps can also offer lots of benefits for destinations.

With DTMG you can create a ‘customer universe’ for your travel clients all in one app with features delivering inspiration, booking, pre-travel extras, on holiday ‘wow’ features and on-going loyalty programmes, all of which are under your travel agency brand.


It also connects with suppliers of a range of leisure travel products from flights, hotels, cruises, tours, car rental and excursions to name but a few.

It’s a powerful tool which we have harnessed. A bold claim, it’s true, but we are specialists in mobile app development and we design for both iOS and Android which help our clients reach the widest possible audience and engage fully with their customers – even when they aren’t buying.

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The power of an app is that your logo can be there every time someone picks their phone up meaning you are just a tap away.

Why is this important? Not only does most traffic now come from mobile devices but the way people use smartphones and tablets has changed. Research has found that more than 80% of time spent on a smartphone is within apps – the average person uses nine apps per day and as many as 40 different apps in a month!

They’re so popular because they give a better online experience, one tap and a whole world opens up immediately, in one place. Apps are also able to provide a personalised and professional user experience that can’t be equalled by even the most responsive websites.

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Within those apps are push notifications to reach people to advertise discounts and new products, videos to keep people watching, and the ability to buy immediately. Apps also increase the likelihood of a user retaining an app on their phone for a longer period of time and can increase app engagement by up to 88%, recent research has found.

The bottom line is, you can build brand loyalty and attract new customers with the right app and, ahem – be right ‘appy.

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